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Theory and practice meet when Gitte Søgaard combines law and finance as a lawyer and as an assistant professor at the University of Aalborg.

Gitte Søgaard is the owner of Soegaard Law Firm (Advokatfirmaet Søgaard).

Her professional main focus is on business related legal themes, and particularly on Danish and EU company and group law.

From her previous professional career, Gitte Søgaard has experience as an export manager, as a SME-advisor, as a vocational trainer, as a law firm partner, and as a lecturer at universities and business schools. She also has private and public sector management experience.

Her academic basis includes i.a. a PHD-degree (PH-D-thesis was about group definitions), a LL.M.-degree ("cand.jur."), a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration ("HD-A") and a Specialized Language Diploma (English, French and German languages - "korrespondent").

Her work also includes business law related activities such as:

  • publications (books and articles),
  • lectures (public for lawyers, accountants and other professionals or tailored for individual companies or organizations),
  • training activities (students and organized as traditional courses or e-learning),
  • papers, opinions etc.

Working languages are English, German, French - and, of course, Scandinavian languages.

Gitte Søgaard, lawyer and ass. professor,   PH-D, LL.M., HD-A

About Soegaard Law Firm

Soegaard Law Firm was founded in 2010 by Gitte Søgaard. With a concentration on business law, she aims to provide tailored high quality legal services at affordable prices to foreign and Danish small and medium-sized businesses.

Soegaard Law Firm is unlike most other law firms. All communication is direct and personal between the customer and the lawyer and is based on updated legal theory and solid legal experience.

Soegaard Law Firm aims to be a preferred advisory partner on business related legal services for foreign and Danish businesses.


Soegaard law firm always seeks:

  • to be approachable and caring,
  • to focus on the customer's best interest,
  • to be efficient in the provision of services,
  • to work with a foundation of integrity.
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